Sunday, November 2, 2014

Suzani- is that what these are called?

Hmm... so I've been admiring Suzani art for months now and just waiting to get my hand at drawing them.. but not until a week ago did I simultaneously learn what it means and discovered that a few friends were taking Making Art That Sells (3) again and one of their assignments was to create a tableware piece inspired by Suzani art! Coincidence? Umm no... I think the Universe conspired to get me to move and create a few more pieces... Just like the Bavarian theme had lit a fire in me, Suzani art did the same :D And it's no surprise that the Urdu word Sozankari (needle work) comes from the Central Asian Term Suzani (Needle)- duh I should've guessed the meaning especially because it was an art form I had seen all my life in one form or the other!

[PS: I am not taking MATS again... so I'm stealing a brief here, but honestly I couldn't help it! :( ]

I know I'll be doing some more based on this... so this is titled Work In Progress ok? ;)

PPS: Sometimes I feel like I am talking to myself- so guys you mind leaving a comment here? Or sign up for updates? Thank you :) xo

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