Sunday, November 24, 2013

A lazy Sunday afternoon, with Carla Bruni

Confession. I had no idea that Carla Bruni sang. I know she was the First Lady of France, but  no idea that she sang. So, thanks to a friend, I discover her! And am blown away! There was me, my brush and thankfully a few blank canvasses that got filled mellowly...

See ya next week!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Let the Tour begin!

Morning y'all! (or evening, wherever you all lovely readers are!)

As you can tell I am a Texan! NOT! But my heart belongs in Texas (I lived there for 8 years and left my soul there...)

But this post is not about Texas. This post is about a wonderful lady called Lilla Rogers and the dreams she weaves. So, here goes...

Once upon a time, there was a tiny girl (woman) sadly walking the shores of the mystical Arabian Sea... you see, she had lost something very valuable. And the sad part is, she couldn't remember what it was... all she knew is that there was something missing in her life which seemed to hold life for her. She looked hither and she looked thither! Uff (an Urdu slang for oh!), where was it and most importantly WHAT was it??

One day she fell asleep tired and sad... she would never find it would she?

That night a fairy came to her in her dream. She was this radiant fairy, so motherly and kind and she spoke to her. She called the girl to her, held her, and like magic the little girl knew what she was looking for and what she must seek.

The next day she went looking for the fairy in real- for she knew it wasn't just magic- she had to be real. She searched and without much adieu, there she appeared. She seemed like a mirage to the little girl. The little girl vowed to muster up ALL her treasures and her courage to REACH out to the fairy, and she did. Along the way, the girl was helped and assisted by her very very dear friends* and she was MOST grateful to them.
And so her journey began with the Fairy Lilla. Fairy Lilla was patient and knowledgeable and resourceful. She guided the girl; she held her hand and made her believe in herself again. She showed the little girl what she had been seeking all her life… the world of surface design. Where all dreams come true!

Make Art that Sells

The title itself arrested me. That there was actually someone out there TEACHING this stuff was unbelievable! My first five week course with Lilla Rogers has come to an end and I look forward to the next part in Spring 2014.

The course on the one hand made an explosion of ideas and possibilities in my head, on the other; it brought me to my tribe. I HAVE A TRIBE! Oh have you ever belonged to a tribe?? When someone is ALWAYS there for you?? It’s a feeling I had never experienced before! And it makes me all mushy and emotional (by the way, my Native Indian name is Aisha the Emotional). What can I say, words escape me which is why I have been rambling for 500 words already…

So the point of this particular post is that my tribe decided to go on a Blog Tour of which I am one of the first stops! : D me so proud!

I am Aisha the Emotional junior (no there are no other Aisha’s in the group, but I am junior in art, hence…). Little me is surrounded by FABULOUS designers whose work is exemplary and awe-inspiring! With me two people kick start the tour.

1-    Linda Tordoff (

Linda is a freelance Illustrator and Surface Pattern Designer who works under the name of Paintlove Studio. Her work is amazing as you can see here:

My favorite of her work was the Children’s Books Assignment here:

Good luck Linda!

2-    Jill Byers (

Jill skipped Week 4 and came back with a BANG in Week 5! Here is her Gift Assignment! I mean WOW!

Good luck Jill!

So tomorrow it’s the turn of:

1-    Martina Lenhardt (
2-    Melissa Doran ( /
3-    Sarah Gager (

And let the Tour Commence! (Blow horns, fireworks, dances, you name it! It’s all happening! Remember I said this is the magical world of Surface Design!)

Enjoy y’all (and if you don’t well then I pity you my friend!) :D

That’s all folks! (With feeling this time!)

*I must mention two friends in particular: Patricia Zapata for bringing Lilla to my knowledge and Fatima and Hasan- without their PayPal account and loan, I would never have been able to take this leap! MUCHOS MUCHOS gracias!

PS- a BIG thank you to Beth Kempton for putting up this class! And best of luck with the coming new arrival in your life!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Week 5: Gift (Final week)

I've been in a state of inertia :) Ever since I submitted my last assignment of Part A, I realized just how tired I had been. I took it easy for a few days and evaluated my learning and take away from the course, and boy it was a LOT!

But first, a recap of Week 5. So, this week we explored the Gift Market. So many things that come under this and so many ways in which you can tap into this market! It's definitely something I want to pursue going forward!

So the week began with gathering up some things that we collect..... well for me, that was a tough one! I don't really collect anything but then I realized I love collecting mugs and bowls! So I gathered up ALL my mugs and took pictures :)

Didn't know what the assignment was going to be... so I just waited to see how my cups and bowls would translate into the assignment. Wednesday the assignment came and it was to design a rectangular zippered pouch with some coordinating accessories added as needed.

Now mugs and bowls don't really go on zippered pouches huh? :D So I started drawing... and came up with a bird that was inspired by my 11 year old, who in turn had been inspired by a bird I did for the week of Children's Books. And once I drew the bird, I ran with it...

Many reiterations later.... this is what came out...

The bird with patterns!

And so I finally decided to use both designs somehow and presented my final assignment like this:

So whatcha think? By the way, can you see how I sneaked the cup in ;)

Hey you know you can leave a response here (below) right? I'd love to hear back from you (readers). So feel free to comment?

This is only the beginning my friends.... there is much much more to come from the little designer from Karachi :D Stay tuned!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Cest n'est pas un Reve...

Although the bird needed a little more attention, I am running out of time... and phew I'm tired.

Added the title digitally, because I just wasn't going to risk hand lettering. This is my final submission for Week 4. Last week next and I can't believe how much I've learnt, how much inspiration I've drawn, and how I've grown addicted to my 'tribe' of artists all over the world. Have to pinch myself as I say:
Ce n'est pas un Reve...

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Week 4: Wall Decor

This was the week I had been waiting for! Alas, the assignment was to do a collage- which I have never done! So, after procrastinating the assignment till Friday (gulp!) I got down to it...

The assignment began with going on a scavenger hunt to look for linear, round and textural things that belonged in your color group (based on your Zodiac Sign- which to my surprise was Blue and Yellow!)

Not my favorite color combo but nevertheless found many a thing belonging in that category :)

Wednesdays assignment came. Collage. Umm... took me a while just to absorb that. By Friday I picked up my brushes and paints and began blobbing... Friday night I dreamt of it all night- I left it thinking one way, but the next morning, I flipped it around, and added a bird... still working on it- its unlike ANYTHING I've ever made- not sure how it will look in the end. One BIG thing I've learnt is that with assignment is that one simply doesn't know when to end- you keep adding and tweaking and re-doing... I guess will wait till the 11th hour and when I finally post it, then that'll be it :D