Sunday, October 13, 2013

First Week of MATS Course! From beginning to end...

My! A whole week whizzed by! 6 days of struggling with the urge to leave everything aside and just work on the assignment! As I inch closer to my dream of becoming a surface pattern designer (graduating from graphic designer, web designer, UI designer, marketing consultant, product manager....) this course is giving me the new zest to follow my passion. I know that somewhere out there lies an opportunity for me, and we're on a collision course :)

My work space- all spruced up for the class!

The course started with basic sketching/painting/ researching on berries and vintage casseroles. So, I refrained from going digital and used my hands to draw, after what seemed like eons!


Then came the final assignment, and I had to revert to my comfort zone of Illustrator! But the berry studies helped me a lot in understanding shape and light and also to define which berries I like better than others- and yes, cherries and strawberries are my favorite! And I love doilies and filigree and checks. So after doodling digitally and experimenting with colors and layouts, I got to the final assignment. Initial digital studies:

My heart was set on the colors from before- and I got inspired by a truck art shelf I had:

I knew I had to submit something bright! So, here is my final piece.

My final piece: Main pattern with two coordinates.

Looking forward to another week of fun art and assignments!

PS: This week became more special because I got to see the Moon up close and personal:

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