Friday, October 18, 2013

Week 2 of MATS: Bromeliads and plates!

O, how I struggled with this one. By Wednesday, I was contemplating not sending in an assignment... as I simply could not get my hands down to a design that was appealing! Also, this time I had promised myself I'd try another medium. So I painted, I drew, I scanned, and I was so so so uncomfortable with using these on the actual design. So last night I stayed up till 3:30! About midnight is when it began to grow on me. And yes, I went back to my natural element- Illustrator and colors- bright ones! :) So wonderful how this course is helping me define myself as an artist. I know what makes me joyous and I know where I'm most creative.

Here is where I began, with lots of pictures as references. The assignment mini was to draw out Bromeliads. These blooms are the most exquisite plants I have ever seen. Such amazing variety and the colors are to die for. I am forever in awe of Mother Nature and how the Divine Creativity just makes us feel so utterly small.

Then I drew, and I painted....

So Thursday night I sat alone and decided to cleanse myself of negative thoughts and self doubt and voila it came to me... I don't know how it will go down with the teacher, but my classmates are the  most encouraging people on Earth! I love them! Its so wonderful to finally BELONG! :D

I have not submitted this yet, but plan to make a few changes and will submit by tonight or tomorrow.

Ciao for now!

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