Thursday, November 14, 2013

Week 5: Gift (Final week)

I've been in a state of inertia :) Ever since I submitted my last assignment of Part A, I realized just how tired I had been. I took it easy for a few days and evaluated my learning and take away from the course, and boy it was a LOT!

But first, a recap of Week 5. So, this week we explored the Gift Market. So many things that come under this and so many ways in which you can tap into this market! It's definitely something I want to pursue going forward!

So the week began with gathering up some things that we collect..... well for me, that was a tough one! I don't really collect anything but then I realized I love collecting mugs and bowls! So I gathered up ALL my mugs and took pictures :)

Didn't know what the assignment was going to be... so I just waited to see how my cups and bowls would translate into the assignment. Wednesday the assignment came and it was to design a rectangular zippered pouch with some coordinating accessories added as needed.

Now mugs and bowls don't really go on zippered pouches huh? :D So I started drawing... and came up with a bird that was inspired by my 11 year old, who in turn had been inspired by a bird I did for the week of Children's Books. And once I drew the bird, I ran with it...

Many reiterations later.... this is what came out...

The bird with patterns!

And so I finally decided to use both designs somehow and presented my final assignment like this:

So whatcha think? By the way, can you see how I sneaked the cup in ;)

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This is only the beginning my friends.... there is much much more to come from the little designer from Karachi :D Stay tuned!


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