Saturday, November 2, 2013

Week 4: Wall Decor

This was the week I had been waiting for! Alas, the assignment was to do a collage- which I have never done! So, after procrastinating the assignment till Friday (gulp!) I got down to it...

The assignment began with going on a scavenger hunt to look for linear, round and textural things that belonged in your color group (based on your Zodiac Sign- which to my surprise was Blue and Yellow!)

Not my favorite color combo but nevertheless found many a thing belonging in that category :)

Wednesdays assignment came. Collage. Umm... took me a while just to absorb that. By Friday I picked up my brushes and paints and began blobbing... Friday night I dreamt of it all night- I left it thinking one way, but the next morning, I flipped it around, and added a bird... still working on it- its unlike ANYTHING I've ever made- not sure how it will look in the end. One BIG thing I've learnt is that with assignment is that one simply doesn't know when to end- you keep adding and tweaking and re-doing... I guess will wait till the 11th hour and when I finally post it, then that'll be it :D

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