Friday, December 20, 2013

A new brand is born, a new dream is dreamt!

For a really really long time, I have wished to see my work printed on fabric. A week ago, this dream of mine came true, in the blessing of digital printing!

My friend Farhana and I have been besties since we were 8 years old! Grade 3! She went on the become a doctor (and go to Harvard) and I went on to do my MBA and graphic designing. We both shared a love of art and I remember we used to take sketching classes together at various places. Well, recently she and I shared a wish. A wish to make products for the home. She has a keen esthetic sense and she can sew and paints REALLY well! So we partnered together and bought a stall at the British Women's Bazaar at a local hotel in Karachi on December 15th. I thought we should promote our 'brand' hence Teacup was born! (within 15 minutes, through a couple of text message exchanges!)

While she had Rulli (rull-ee) bed spreads, baby quilts, and cushion covers, hand painted frames and artwork, I took out out my collection of work from MATS and re-worked them as best as I could in ten days. Then I chose a few icons and ran with it. I also recycled some of my older designs to finalize 8 designs for digital printing on synthetic silk. Found some great material for the back of the cushions and viola I got this:

And now for some well deserved rest! :D


  1. Gorgeous prints! You must be so proud. :-)

    1. Thank you Shirley! Sorry for the late response!

    2. Thank you Shirley! Sorry for the late response!


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