Friday, February 14, 2014

My journey in surface pattern design!

I probably sounded like an obstinate kid and frustrated my father when at 15 I told my father that I was going to pass on the chance to go to med school. I threw my chances of a secure career and chose the path less traveled.

But the same voice triggered and played with my brain all these years, even after I did a 'respectable' MBA and went on to work with some big names in the corporate world.

While I have been doing what I love slowly and steadily, in the shadows, now I'm ready to delve in with a more organized approach.

Here I share with you my journey so far:

Hand painting boxes and trays:

Children's furniture:

Experimenting with printing art:


Wall decals!

Trays and lamps:

Cushions and wall art:

Coming soon: Dinner table linens, home accessories and more...!

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